Composite lower receivers are making new waves in the gun industry, effectively replacing aluminum as the material of choice among gun owners and gun part manufacturers alike. These kinds of receivers are developed in pursuit of lightweight materials for firearms to be easier to handle.

There are many kinds of composite receivers in the market, each designed to take advantage of the polymer light weight. The material that complements the polymer is what gives the receiver the needed strength.

Tegra Arms, a leading gun part manufacturer which developed lower receivers for AR-15 rifles, has introduced carbon fiber composite lower receivers to match the durability and strength of aluminum. Each enforced carbon fiber lower receiver weighs half the weight of an aluminum lower. That means the user can aim better for a more accurate targeting.

Another favorable quality of carbon fiber is its exemplary strength. Its strength is comparable to that of metals, a characteristic that makes it perfect to be paired with polymer. In fact, the bodies of modern jets and planes and car chassis are usually made of carbon fiber. This only shows that the material can be used in place of metal on things that require extensive strength.

While it is absolutely strong, it surprisingly weighs lesser than even some polymers. This is why carbon fiber has also been the prime choice of aerospace and automotive companies, too.

Tegra Arms lower receiver made from carbon fiber is said to be the lightest in the world. Since it is made of carbon fiber, you get full confidence that it is highly durable and sturdy. On top of that, the lifetime warranty offered by Tegra Arms provides guarantee on all lower receiver purchases, giving buyers the kind of service that they deserve. No questions asked!

This offer and the company’s unparalleled expertise in gun and gun part manufacturing is more than enough to guarantee a product that meets, if not exceeds the standards of the gun industry. From reliable build to configuration that conforms to MIL specifications and standards, you know that Tegra Arms branded receivers are compatible for any AR-15 rifles.

This breakthrough takes Tegra Arms ahead of the competition and closer to the ideal AR-15 rifle design. At the same time, it gives the consumers the advantage of innovation. Whether for personal use or for law enforcement purposes, anyone can definitely find a reliable firearm, even the starters.