Gun parts manufacturers are at a loggerhead about new design, development, and features of gun parts that affects the performance of the guns, effectively earning a piece of the market of gun owners and law enforcement personnel. From overall design to material composition, everyone wants to offer the best that a gun could ever be.

Gun enthusiasts who are used to rifles of metal build have always favored aluminum lower receivers due to its unmatched reliability and durability. In the search for lighter rifles, manufacturers have introduced the use of polymers to build AR-15 receivers.

High quality polymers may well be enough for light use but in most cases, gun owners find the quality sacrificed. This is because polymers easily break and may not be able to withstand the force when fired. In this case, the rifle may be deemed impracticable.

This major roadblock brought about a new innovation. The enforced carbon fiber AR-15 lower receivers will soon change the game since the material is strong enough to match the performance of aluminum or any other metals. Yet, it weighs lesser than polymer.

Tegra Arms' advanced engineering and expertise made them the pioneer in carbon fiber technology. They are among the first to develop the lightest lower receivers with the best performance and stability that is expected from AR-15 rifles, be it for light or heavy use.

Although a relatively new technology in firearms manufacturing industry, carbon fiber technology has actually been used in the military as the prime material for weapons and devices that require unparalleled strength yet very lightweight.

This is also true for other industries with equally demanding requirement. In the past years, carbon fiber has been used to manufacture chassis of cars and even bodies of jets and planes. The results are lightweight cars and planes that are strong and durable.

As such, enforced carbon fiber made it possible for Tegra Arms to develop the world's lightest AR-15 lower. Though light in weight, it is heavy in performance. Composite carbon fiber is used as a primary material used for the manufacturing of lower rifle receivers. The technology aims to keep the best feature of polymer, which is being lightweight but with performance and durability that matches, it not exceeds that of any metal.

Another thing that may win the trust of gun enthusiasts is the fact that Tegra Arms lives up to their product and offers lifetime warranty for their carbon enforced lowers.