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The Advantages of Composite Lower Receivers

on Composite lower receivers, written on by Tegra Arms

AR-15 rifles are lightweight, magazine-fed firearms that use intermediate cartridge. In order to be lightweight, aluminum is used in most of its parts. This ensures that the equipment is strong enough to withstand the force yet feel lighter compared to other firearms made from other metals. Despite that, some people... Continue reading >>

Composite Lower: A New Innovation in Firearms

on composite lower, written on by Tegra Arms

Composite lower receivers are making new waves in the gun industry, effectively replacing aluminum as the material of choice among gun owners and gun part manufacturers alike. These kinds of receivers are developed in pursuit of lightweight materials for firearms to be easier to handle. There are many kinds of... Continue reading >>

Composite Lower, The Newest Gun Model

on composite lower, written on by Tegra Arms

There is a clamour for military supplies in every nation nowadays. Seeing that there have been recent terrorism threats, no nation could just lie low especially when the terrorits are spread in groups in every country. With this, there is no knowing how they will attack. And so given this,... Continue reading >>