Tegra Arms in Orem, one of the world's leading manufacturers and developers of firearms today, is pleased to announce to be the first to the deliver the most reliable light weight lower tactical components in the market. The company has been known by many gun enthusiasts as providers of high quality and durable tactical parts in the market today. The creation of composite lower and light carbon fiber composite doesn't originates from the company but they are the very first ones to do it the right way.

There have been many reports and observations made that using carbon fiber in firearms may be bringing these tactical components into a whole new level. Not to mention its durability, there have been notable tests that it may greatly enhance its overall performance.

Special edition of AR-15 family that is made by carbon fiber is becoming the most preferred and common types by gun enthusiasts. This kind of gun continues to prove as the most accurate and reliable component to give exceptional performance. They are commonly purchased and chosen by many people for self defense or missions, hunting and shooting. This gun is also the lightest of its family, making them highly preferred even by beginners.

Tegra enables their clients and gun enthusiasts to own a very durable equipment they can truly trust while maintaining the lightweight features by expanding upon many of their highly popular and classic handgun families. They now have several new firearms introductions for this year where customers would have a variety of options in terms of its features, weight, materials used and caliber that best suited their individual needs and preferences.

Every component and part of the gun is developed in a way that it would deliver the performance it is designed for. The based of the rifle, specifically, is very critical in the operation therefore the lower receiver must be made with great caution. Most of its parts as well could easily be replaced individually, anytime so as the owner wants to upgrade them can easily do so.

With today's advanced technology and developed productions of these components, the lower receiver are now made and highly available in various materials. Clients are always assured that these customized options are also designed in accordance to the specified standards of MIL. The lower receivers are also made compatible with AR-15 families of every build. If we can observe, early developed rifles are made of metals before to address the needs of having a sturdy base. Today, most manufacturers would prefer to use aluminum in their productions so they can deliver light weight lower and components as much as possible. There's almost nonstop in looking for ways to make the most-treasured firearms light and better in terms of performance.

The advantage of opting for better materials in the production of firearms isn't just for aesthetic and durability. The new materials are expected to deliver better accuracy and precise firing. However, it isn't always guaranteed that all new materials will be effective because of its easier handle, it is recommended to critically check the component – while some would not replaced the metal lowers in order not to compromise the performance.

Among the new materials developed and now being used in firearms, many types of composite lowers are made with carbon fiber which are notable because of its strength. This sure is another great development that delivers promising potentials to gun enthusiasts.