Tegra Arms in Orem, Utah is proud to introduce and supply to the UTAH State Legislature, the expansive selections of special edition of AR-15. The gun manufacturing company prides itself with firearm creations which are said to be the most reliable, lightest carbon composite and strongest in the market today. Their hands on approach on developing reliable firearms which blend with today's advanced technology make them innovative and highly performed.

As the leading firearm manufacturer, the public continually recognizes their products and brands developed by the company. Several new pieces of their equipment are ordered so they now launch pre-order basis to ensure that they deliver exactly the quality and quantity that their clients need. Many of their customers already signed contracts to purchase fiber carbon composite with light weight lower ion order t refrofit their own current equipment. It has been reported that the company is receiving contracts for new orders and requests for rifles and California compliant complete lowers where designs and new developments are released immediately to the public.

The release of UTAH State Legislature Commemorative limited edition ammunitions will be on summer 2015 where there is a limited quantity of 250 available for purchase. The equipment is specifically designed to suit their clients' delicate standards. The gun features its custom serial number, exceptionally unmatched strength, advanced lower and durable lower that has carbon fiver composite construction.

The weight of Utah State Legislature Commemorative limited edition rifle is very notable. It weighs 5.97 pounds alone. Its light weight lower attracts thousands of gun enthusiasts even beginners, to practice firing and make accurate shooting.

While the quality of every development improves, the company continues to deliver its promise of durable, high performance ammunitions to veterans, shooters, hunters and law enforcement. They manufacture their product in such way that they would be used and rely on during the greatest time of need. Customers are guaranteed that each part, component of their products are meticulously checked before they are ship. The lowers of these rifles also come with lifetime warranty without any questions asked by the customers.

AR-15, ordered by UTAH legislature, is basically made up of lower and upper. The upper that has the barrel which is 16” mag-phosphate finish and M4 contour. The lower, which is the actual gun that is holding the trigger assembly and receiving the magazine. Tegra Arms is using carbon fiver for the construction of lower ultimately to deliver improved performance and easier handle to the users.

“Our engineers work together and are highly available to develop the best solution because we only want to make our equipment the strongest, lightest and the most reliable to find. We set apart from the rest in every work we do, we always put quality over quantity. We simply ensure that every gun should never fail our customers in any situations. ”

Tegra Arms appreciate and value their customers through the efforts and continued developments they put on their work to deliver the best firearms with the right materials. Carbon fiber component has already been proving its worthiness to the public in many various operations and missions. There have been lots of simulations and tests which confirm the quality and the incredible difference carbon fiber brings.

Tegra Arms is truly setting the new standard in producing and manufacturing better and reliable firearms in the future.