The general public isn't only the ones lining up for Tegra Arms newly developed rifles and firearms. Lawmakers of UTAH are deliberately aiming to go flashier and bigger this year, ordering Utah State Legislature commemorative limited edition rifles. Tegra Arms have a successful track record in various shooting disciplines and has already scheduled the release of their ammunitions to Discount Guns and Ammo in summer 2015.

The rifle comes with a very limited quantity of 250 for its upcoming release. The company is well-recognized manufacturer to always deliver quality over quantity. New, existing customers and even other gun manufacturers recognize their brand for their lightest carbon composite creations and one of the strongest ones in the market nowadays. Utilizing the most advanced technology and their very effective engineering techniques, they have achieved their position and good reputation in the market.

In an effort to deliver what they promise to the public of quality brand, the products produced by Tegra Arms are made from United States, every product comes with a lifetime warranty. They welcome veteran, law enforcement and even beginners use their ammunitions especially for greatest times of need. Their high standards in manufacturing that meets the MI standards aim to make every production a sturdy, strong and very durable one.

In the early days, manufacturers are only using metals for ammunitions because of their proven durability and strength. Also, others are using innovative solutions with an attempt to lessen the weight of the gun. Unfortunately, not all materials has proved their worth – polymers for example, isn't as sturdy as metal materials where many users find these materials “unfit” for the production of ammunitions. When any part of the component fails, it is expected that performance and everything else will be directly affected, therefore they should be as strong as possible.

To address durability, many of today's gun manufacturers are using composite materials in their productions. Composite is a combination of two varying materials in order to make the equipment durable and lightweight at the same time. These two innovative solutions maintain has the ability to maintain the strength and durability of a certain metal and the lightweight lower of polymer. Others are also opting for fiberglass solutions. This has also proven to give significant improvement in strength. However, Tegra Arms chose the revolutionary carbon fiber enables them to produce a strong yet lightweight lower receiver.

Carbon fiber offers many advantages beyond looking sleek and fierce. It covers the receiver (bottom), composite stock and the barrel. The very appearance of the rifle that is made of carbon fiber offers a great look, feel but importantly easy handle of users. The rifle will will anyone over because of its very responsive functionality that delivers great accuracy in shooting. A customize, meticulously made grip-patterned by Tegra Arms into the product promotes even better security and non-grip even when the firearm is wet.

Just like any other ammunition manufacturers, Tegra Arms is not the only one is taking advantage of the benefits of using carbon fiber in their products, however with an enhanced concept and right resources the company is able to provide a whole new product line and gun editions that cannot be found anywhere else.