AR-15 rifles are lightweight, magazine-fed firearms that use intermediate cartridge. In order to be lightweight, aluminum is used in most of its parts. This ensures that the equipment is strong enough to withstand the force yet feel lighter compared to other firearms made from other metals.

Despite that, some people still find it hard to handle. So, to make it even lighter gun makers started using polymers instead of aluminum.

Polymers are ideal materials in making guns because it weighs less than metals. However, it has a downside. Since it is not as sturdy, it easily breaks, too. Earlier versions and types of polymer cause the gun to fail because it lacks the strength. This problem increasingly concerned many gun enthusiasts. Even in forums, enthusiasts recommend against the use of polymer parts especially for the lower receiver.

In order to address the growing concerns with quality and durability, the manufacturers have to develop a rifle that is lighter and easier to handle. This brought about the creation of composite materials.

These materials are combination of two different materials, such as polymer and fiberglass or polymer and carbon fiber. This aims to add extra strength to the material without adding significant weight. Composite lower receivers are now becoming more common in the market, offering better features that metal lowers and more durability and strength that plain polymer ones.

Among all composite types, the carbon fiber composite appears to be very promising. Carbon fiber has taken the place of metal in some industries that required materials of exemplary strength. Even car and plane manufacturers have embraced carbon fiber in their production due to its reliability. At the same time, it weighs half the weight of aluminum so it is still noticeably lightweight.

Tegra Arms was quick to notice the potential of carbon fiber in the gun industry and started using this technology to in the composite lower receivers for their AR-15 rifles. This technology, together with Tegra Arms' expertise has led to the development of the world's lightest lower receiver yet one of the most reliable and durable that has ever been made.

The composite receiver works with most AR-15 rifles and conforms to MIL specifications. This means that gun owners can upgrade their existing rifles with the new lower receiver. Despite the considerable drop in weight due to the light weight of carbon fiber, its sturdiness is maintained for more accurate firing.