The use of carbon fiber in arms and ammunition may bring AR-15 rifles to a whole new level of performance. This development excites gun enthusiasts and gun owners who use AR-15 rifles for law enforcement duties or for personal hobbies.

Being one of the best configured rifles, the family of AR-15 rifles is unsurprisingly one of the most common and most preferred types in the world. The gun proves to be one of the most reliable and most accurate firearms to deliver high performance operations like shooting, hunting, law enforcement missions and even self defense. The firearm is also the lightest of its kind, which makes it easy to handle even by beginners.

Gun part manufacturers are continuously trying to design rifles that are high performing and yet much lighter. Especially with the latest technological innovation, the possibilities are endless. It is not surprising, therefore, that these manufacturers are venturing into better and more cost-effective materials to replace metals in the manufacturing of some of the parts of these guns.

Polymer materials have been introduced in the gun industry and were widely used in the manufacturing of AR-15 lower receivers. Its extremely light weight makes it ideal to replace metals like aluminum, which are usually and traditionally used in guns. The material is also cheaper and cuts the cost of the lower receiver. However, some gun owners are concerned with the quality as polymer lowers may not at all be suitable for heavy use.

Tegra Arms, a leading gun manufacturer, introduced a different approach to deliver high-performance and lightweight lowers in their search for the lightest AR-15 lower receivers. Their approach was to use carbon fiber instead of polymer plastic.

While polymer plastics are light, they do not have the strength to endure strong pressures and have the tendency to break easily. Given the force produced when firing, problems could arise when polymer is used for lower receivers.

Carbon fiber enforced AR-15 lower receivers, on the other hand, have proven to be more durable. With the strength that can be comparable to that of aluminum or any other type of metal, carbon fiber makes it possible to develop the world's lightest AR-15 lower receivers without sacrificing the quality.

The lightweight lower receivers by Tegra Arms feel sturdy and durable. It has the capacity to tolerate strong pressures. At the same time, it feels much lighter and easier to handle than traditional aluminum build.

This is the future of AR-15 lower receivers.