Guns and rifles need to be durable, strong and sturdy. It is one of the few things that must not fail at all cost. For this reason, the earlier and the most common types are mostly made of metal because it is known for its strength and durability.

However, metal builds are also heavy. This makes handling and firing difficult and challenging, especially for starters. Even lightweight types of rifles like AR-15, which uses aluminum, the lightest known metal, prove to be hard to handle.

In order to address this concern and develop a rifle with the best features possible, gun makers resort to polymers as an alternative to metal or aluminum in manufacturing guns and gun parts. Polymers are much lighter. They are also much cheaper to produce, so the gun parts cost less than metallic kinds.

Unfortunately, there is a serious issue with polymers- they are not as sturdy as metals. Many gun enthusiasts find it unfit to use low quality materials for the manufacturing of firearms since it becomes useless if a part of it fails.

In an effort to address the concern of durability while maintaining its lightweight features, gun manufacturers have employed the use of composite materials. These are a combination of two different materials. This breakthrough takes advantage of the positive features in each one, the light weight of polymer and the strength of metal. The materials are not only limited to these, though.

While some manufacturers use fiberglass to enhance strength, Tegra Arms use the revolutionary carbon fiber for its line of composite lower receivers. Carbon fiber has been used for years to replace metal in the manufacturing and other industries that require the use of very strong materials. Even modern cars are made with carbon fiber.

Moreover, carbon fiber is one of the lightest materials today. This makes carbon fiber composite lower receivers comparably lighter than those made of metal. All the same, its durability and strength maintains to be reliable.

Although some gun enthusiasts do not favor the use of non-metallic material for their firearms, it will soon change when carbon fiber prove its worthiness when it comes to the operation of firearms. Test and simulations confirm this, but only a few manufacturers are willing to take the dare.

Soon, carbon fiber enforced composite lowers will replace metal receivers as the most preferred lower receiver type. Many manufacturers will follow suit then. But this time, Tegra Arms is taking the lead.