Carbon Fiber Reinforced AR-15 Lower

Tegra Arms announces the release of a new carbon fiber reinforced lower. It is light weight, extremely durable, and engineered to MIL SPEC perfection. Compatible with all commercial and MIL SPEC parts, our lower is a great choice for your next build. Our carbon fiber lower will change the way you look at composite lower.

Evolutionary Innovation

Utilizing advanced technology and high quality material we have created the greatest composite lower on the market today. Through extensive testing we have developed a carbon fiber reinforced composite lower with unmatched quality.


At 3.65 ounces, the weight of our lowers is unrivaled by other composite lowers. Weighing less than half an aluminum lower, our lower is a great choice for shaving the weight down on your AR.


We have blown away the composite lower competition when it comes the quality and durability. Our precision design has created a lower that succeeds where other lowers have failed. This has resulted in a composite lower with the strength and reliability you expect in your firearms.

The World’s Strongest Carbon Fiber Reinforced AR-15 Lower

At Tegra Arms, we are dedicated to creating and providing the highest quality products to our clients. Our new carbon fiber reinforced AR-15 lower is a perfect example of our dedication to creating the finest products. Our lower is the first of its kind. With carbon fiber reinforcement it is stronger, more durable, and lighter than other lowers currently on the market. We are proud to sell this carbon fiber AR-15 reinforced lower and are confident in its quality and performance.

Shipping and Lifetime Guarantee

We usually ship orders within 2 business days for all our products. If you need us to contact your local FFL to arrange shipping and transfers, we will gladly coordinate it. We offer a lifetime “No Questions” asked warranty on our carbon fiber reinforced composite lowers.