About Tegra Arms

Tegra Arms is certainly not the first to make a composite lower but we are the first to do it right. We began with the idea and belief that we could create the strongest, lightest carbon fiber reinforced composite on the market. Blending advanced technology with a hands on approach, we have achieved that goal.

We do not believe in sacrificing quality for quantity. This comes from our lives as hunters, shooters, veterans and law enforcement. We only manufacture products that we personally would depend on during our greatest times of need. If there is one thing we can’t afford to have fail, it’s our firearms.

We take pride in our product and personally inspect every part before it is shipped. We are bringing back hard work and passion for a job done right. Our products are proudly made in the U.S.A. and come with lifetime warranty, no questions asked.

Tegra Arms, the beginning of a new standard.