Initially designed to be a lightweight, magazine powered firearm, AR-15 family of rifles have become one of the most widely used type of firearms in service and is popular among law enforcement personnel and private gun enthusiasts alike. These are best used in law enforcement missions, hunting and even for self defense.

Over the years, variations in design and composition have been introduced by gun manufacturers in their continuous effort to improve the overall quality of the firearms. Just recently, another major innovation was introduced by a leading gun manufacturer. AR-15 lower receivers made from composite carbon fiber materials are now being introduced in the market. Gun enthusiasts became extremely excited for very good reasons.

Careful considerations were done to ensure that reliability and performance were not compromised with the changes in design and composition. The composite carbon fiber AR-15 lowers promise a more durable build with a much lighter weight. The material are foreseen to replace aluminum as the material of choice for gun receivers soon enough.

The introduction of carbon fiber comes under diligent scrutiny. After all, a gun is certainly something an owner would never want to fail. The good news is that the actual testing proved the material to be as reliable as AR-15 units made from traditional aluminum material.

Another exciting feature of this lower receiver is the fact that they work with most AR-15 units and all other types with comparable lower receiver configuration.

With a carbon fiber lower, a traditional AR-15 rifle would noticeably weigh much lighter as the carbon fiber material itself only approximately weights half that of aluminum. Firing and handling the gun with this kind of receiver proves to be stable and reliable despite the drop in its weight.

All these features plus a reasonable price close to the current receiver types make this breakthrough very exciting to gun enthusiasts, hunters and shooters. Tegra Arms, a Utah based gun part manufacturer now offers the world's strongest and most durable AR-15 lower made with composite fiber.

The result of years of expertise and advanced engineering, carbon fiber AR-15 lowers from Tegra Arms are now available even for civilian gun owners who would like to upgrade their current AR-15 rifle. With universal compatibility with AR-15 and MIL-spec rifles, Tegra Arms branded lowers should make existing AR-15 rifles easier to handle with the same level of reliability and performance that is exclusive to AR-15 family of rifles.