The AR-15 rifle is one of the most common and most popular rifles available today. Thanks to its unmatched performance, it is one of the most favored types of firearms among gun enthusiasts. Its lightweight design and intermediate cartridge configuration also makes it ideal for light use like hunting or target shooting. However, the idea of lightweight may soon be redefined as Tegra Arms introduces its own line of carbon fiber enforces lowers which are said to be the lightest AR-15 lower in the world.

The idea of shifting from metal or aluminum-made lower receivers is not new. In the past, firearm manufacturers have already introduced the use of polymers to replace aluminum in the manufacturing of gun parts. This is due to the fact that polymer materials are cheaper and lighter than aluminum.

However, there are critical concerns coming from gun enthusiasts about sacrificing quality for the sake of cost or its weight. This is because polymers break easily, so a strong sudden pressure from firing the gun may be too much for it to bear.

Tegra Arms addresses this concern with their use of carbon fiber enforced materials instead of polymer.

Carbon fiber is one revolutionary technology that has made a difference in the field of manufacturing, most notably in the aerospace and automotive industries. Carbon fiber has replaced the use of metal in the development of car chassis and bodies of aircrafts. This proves how reliable carbon fiber could be when used in demanding applications.

With advanced engineering and gun manufacturing expertise, Tegra Arms has developed this breakthrough to bring a difference in the performance of AR-15 rifles that are easier to handle yet as reliable and as accurate as how it should be.

With gun crafting excellence, Tegra Arms branded lower receivers are made to work with AR-15 rifles with MIL specification, allowing existing models to work with these advanced series of receivers. To top that, the company offers lifetime warranty to their carbon fiber enforced AR-15 lower receivers, which shows their commitment to give gun owners the kind of products and support they need.

Another exciting thing that makes gun enthusiasts thrilled is the fact that the lightest and high performing AR-15 lower receivers available, is not necessarily more expensive than traditional aluminum made ones.

With these exciting features, there really is nothing to think twice about upgrading AR-15 rifles to get the most out of these rifles.