Most gun parts are made of metal, specifically aluminum. This is not surprising since metal is able to with stand extreme pressure and force with which the firearm operates. However, the metal body makes the gun heavy and difficult to handle. This has been a continuing challenge, especially for beginners who are yet to perfect accurate aims.

Over the years, several materials have been tested to increase precision and accuracy. The spotlight was set on lightweight materials because it makes the firearm more stable when targeting.

One of the first materials to be tested is polymer due to its considerably lighter weight than all other metals. Besides, it is also cheap. These characteristics make it perfect for this purpose. In fact, polymer parts have become a popular choice among manufacturers and buyers alike. It was noticed, however, that polymer parts could possibly break and may cause the gun to fail. This is especially true to lower receivers of rifles which are exposed to extreme pressure.

This prompted the gun makers to think of a better material to use for guns and gun parts. Yet, because polymer remains the most ideal because of its weight, many manufacturers prefer to develop gun parts partly made of polymer. A polymer mixed with another type of material results of composite lower receivers.

The goal of composite material is to take advantage of the best features and characteristics of the materials used. Mostly, for composite lower receivers, the goal is for the polymer to make up most of the body while the other material provides the needed strength and durability.

A polymer build means the equipment remains lightweight. As for other materials, the kind of material used differs, but are oftentimes non-metallic as it would be hard to blend metal with a polymer if at all possible. In most cases composite lower receiver is made with polymers and fiberglass or carbon fibers.

Composite lowers, especially carbon fiber composites are seen as the future of firearms manufacturing. The material has proven to be strong enough to be comparable with metal but is definitely lighter. With composite carbon fiber technology in the gun industry, each firearm could be as reliable, durable and sturdy as it should be, yet easier to aim and handle when firing.

Tegra Arms take gun manufacturing to a whole new level by introducing their own line of carbon fiber composite lower receivers for AR-15 rifles. These firearms could now truly be lightweight and of top performance.