In the continuous pursuit of lightweight rifles, gun makers have used different techniques and various materials in the production of gun parts. Lightweight firearms are ideal for easy handling, especially when aiming and firing. AR-15 rifles, for example, are intended to be lightweight compared to other high power firearms. Initial configuration makes use of aluminum as the main material of the gun parts.

However, even lightweight metals, like aluminum, are still hard to handle for some. That is why other gun manufacturers want to use non metallic materials for certain gun parts like the lower receivers. Using lightweight lower receivers could substantially reduce the firearms weight, therefore making it more manageable and easier to handle specifically for beginners.

Polymer and composite lowers are two of the lightweight lowers that are non-metallic. They come in different variants, depending on the manufacturer’s choice. Between the two, the latter is a better option by far because it offers reliability. Polymer may be lightweight, but it can easily break. It might not be able to withstand the force when the rifle is fired.

On the other hand, composite materials aim to incorporate the lightweight characteristic of polymer with another stronger and more durable material. One particular material that is promising is the carbon fiber.

Although relatively new in gun industries, carbon fiber has already been used in other industries as alternative to metals. This is particularly true to those that require the use of material with unparalleled strength but with lesser weight.

In car production, carbon fiber is used to create the chassis which makes it both strong and lightweight. In the aerospace industry, this is used to produce the body of the plane. For both industries, lighter weight means more fuel efficiency.

In the firearm industry, the use of carbon fiber composite is introduced by Tegra Arms. Composite carbon fiber makes it possible to develop lightweight composite lower receivers which are as durable, reliable and sturdy as aluminum based lowers.

Based on their current prices, the series of composite lower receivers offered by Tegra Arms are comparable to metal-based ones. Another exciting offer from Tegra arms is the lifetime warranty that they offer with every composite lower receiver purchase made. This goes to show how confident they are with the quality of products they provide.

The most ideal material developed by one of the leading gun manufacturers. What could go wrong? Indeed, the light weight composite lower by Tegra Arms is a great choice.