Tegra Arms is proud to introduce its flagship product. For years, the gun industry has truly lacked innovation. Fortunately, the AR-15 platform offers such a wide array of interchangeable parts; Tegra has stepped in to make a strong change. After a short while, and through a lot of testing, Tegra has begun manufacturing the lightest AR-15 lower in the world. Made from carbon-fiber composite material, it is unmatched to its failed predecessors in the polymer lower industry.

The good news is that the Tegra lower receiver will fit into any AR-15 upper chambered in either 5.56, 7.62x39, or 300 blackout. Order yours today so you too can experience the lightest AR-15 lower on the market to date.

Tegra has succeeded where others have failed. A handful of other companies have tried to be innovative and explore making a lightweight polymer lower. Was it light? Yes, it was. But it failed in strength. Conversely, Tegra has been able to make something noticeably lighter, yet strong all the while. With the heavy quad rails today, it is best to keep your AR-15 lower as light as possible. Too many training sessions holding that heavy, bulky rifle start with fatigue and strain on your shoulder from the sling. The polymer lowers usually have trouble where the buffer tube meets the lower. Due to the fact that the polymer is not strong enough, the polymer lower requires metal reinforcement. No one wants that! You mean I have to use something that isn’t strong enough to thread itself? I have to supplement it with metal? Then what’s the point?

Fortunately, you can enjoy the lightweight AR-15 lower solution from Tegra Arms. Tegra will continue to bring new products to market that exceed expectation. Give them a shot and order your own carbon fiber AR-15 lower today. Order it online and Tegra Arms will happily send it to your local FFL for pick-up. Tegra Arms also offers complete AR-15 options. You can purchase the lower itself, or a complete rifle.