Utah is a pretty interesting place, and it’s very firearms-friendly! For the fifth year in a row, the Utah Legislature has named a “commemorative legislative firearm”. This year lawmakers decided upgrade, choosing to honor a Utah company that builds defense rifles based on the AR-15 platform.

“My wife was scared of it when she first saw it,” said Rep. Gage Froerer (R-Huntsville). “It’s a big departure. I don’t know if I’ll ever shoot it. I’m not really an avid hunter anymore.”

AR-15’s are made up of an “ upper ” (which contains the barrel) and a “lower” (which is defined as the actual firearm and receives the magazine and holds the trigger assembly). Traditionally, lowers are made of metal. Tegra Arms, however, uses carbon fiber in the construction of its lower .

“I’m not a big handgun fan but I love rifles,” said Rep. Lee Perry (R-Perry), a lieutenant in the Utah Highway Patrol. “This AR is the most beautiful gun ever.”

Tegra Arms“If the bulk of my legislators carry an AR-15, you can bet we’re going to get pretty darn good gun laws,” said Jeremy Roberts, who is coordinating the firearm for the session.

Here at GunDudes, we’re proud to count the fine gentleman at Tegra Arms as friends, and congratulate them on this honor!