AR-15 rifles are among the most popular firearms among gun owners and law enforcement agencies worldwide. Since it is lightweight, it is easier to handle compared to heavy firearms. For this reason, many gun enthusiasts use it for hunting and other activities. Of course, this is also ideal for self-defense.

This rifle has notably lived up to the highest expectations since it was first introduced. Still, some of its original specification had to be changed in order to keep it at pace with the demands. Gun manufacturing industries must also continue to innovate and provide better products that cater to the growing needs of today.

With the latest configuration, design and materials that work for most law enforcement personnel and gun owners, it is not surprising to find that this has become one of the most common type of service rifles. It is also one of the oldest rifle types that remains in service and one of the few types allowed for civilian use.

Since its first use, the AR-15 family of rifles has gone through several developments in design and material. Most components of the said rifle used to be of metal build, due to the fact that metals are considered the strongest and most durable material for firearms and ammunition. This owes its strength, stability and performance to its metal design, most notably the metallic lightest AR-15 lower receivers.

Yet, strength is not effective if it is difficult to handle. This led to the development of lower receivers that are made of aluminum, which is one of the lightest metals available. As technological breakthroughs continue to change the field of manufacturing in the past few years, new materials are slowly introduced. Such developments include the extensive use of carbon fiber.

Popular due to its strength and lightweight nature, the use of carbon fiber in the field of automotive and aerospace is starting to be applied in gun manufacturing industry as well. Tegra Arms, a leading manufacturer in Utah are developing lightest AR-15 lower receivers in the world yet so durable and of high performance, just exactly what gun owners need.

Existing AR-15 rifle owners may simply upgrade their lower receiver and experience the difference. The lightweight lower receiver makes the rifle weigh noticeably lesser, making it much easier to handle. Yet, it still remains steady, accurate and reliable when firing, thanks to the carbon fiber enforced lower receiver’s sturdy feel and performance.