AR-15 lower receivers come in different types of materials. Depending on the material used, prices and feature vary. Earlier types of lower receivers are made of metal. This gives the firearm the kind of performance and accuracy that it has always been known about.

This caliber of performance is loved by gun owners making this rifle one of the most popular among gun enthusiasts. A heavy firearm is hard to handle especially when shooting though so the idea of lightweight lower receiver was conceptualized. To fulfill this concept, polymers were used by gun makers instead of aluminum which was usually used for lightweight firearms like AR-15.

The use of polymer was not successful, though, because it breaks easily, which is not ideal for a material for gun manufacturing. A firearm produces a lot of pressure on some of its part when shooting, so if a part breaks easily, the rifle might not be worth using at all.

To address this, polymers were combined with other materials and composite materials were developed to increase its strength. Tegra Arms developed composite carbon fiber to achieve the ideal lightweight lower receiver. The Utah-based gun and gun parts manufacturer makes use of the material’s lightweight nature and combine it with a more durable material. This produces a lower receiver that is as strong as metal yet weighs approximately half the load of aluminum receivers.

Tests confirmed that enforced carbon fiber for AR-15 lower offer lightweight rifle with sturdy features that makes handling and aiming easier and manageable. If the technology lives up to its expectation, carbon fiber may soon set the new standard for modern armory and ammunition. As of the moment, only a few manufacturers are employing this material.

One of the piooners in the field is Tegra Arms. They manufacture composite lowers that conform to Mil specifications, which means that rifles comply with standard configuration and should work with any existing products. What makes an upgrade to carbon fiber enforced lightweight lowers irresistible is the fact that although this technology is new and promising, it is reasonably priced that makes it at par with metal types.

Tegra Arms also offers lifetime warranty to their line of lower receivers . This kind of offer gives an extra sense of confidence to buyers that Tegra arms will live up to its product with the kind of commitment and excellence they do in producing these equipment.