According to ATF regulation we are required to ship all firearms to an FFL dealer. If you don't know what that is or don't know where to find one. We would be happy to help you find an FFL dealer close to you.

Yes. Our lowers are capable with any standard / milspec upper for AR-15 platform. It has even been tested on larger calibers like 458 Socom and does great!

Not only is it the lightest, strongest composite lower on the market. Our craftsmanship and the quality of our carbon fiber composite lower is unmatched in the industry.  Each lower is completed and inspected by hand to ensure you receive the best product. We are confident in your satisfaction of our lowers that we back it up with a "no questions asked" lifetime warranty.

No. Our carbon fiber composite lowers are a perfectly blended mixture of carbon fiber and nylon. This has created more strength in the areas where polymer lower with metal reinforcements fail.

The strands of carbon fiber and nylon are heated to extreme temperatures and are in the part and all interlock together during the molding process. This makes our product far superior to a standard polymer part.

Our lower is a specialty blended carbon fiber composite material mixed with polymer nylon that is extremely strong and light weight.

It is a perfect blend with the carbon fibers and some polymer nylon that together make it very strong and durable product.

Yes, we ship our lowers to California. However, our complete rifles are not California compliant..

Unfortunately, we do not have a store front to sell our products at our Utah location. You can purchase direct from us online. We can ship our lowers and complete rifles to any FFL of your choice. If you are purchasing just an upper or parts kit we can ship it to your residence.

No problem at all we have a life time warranty. Just send it to us by filling out this form print it and put it in the box with your item. Once we get the item it takes about a week to process and get you your new one.